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People don’t care about environmental impact. They want to get things they want. Do you have a real market here?

If Amazon adds a category on sustainable products/food, they will outcompete you. What will you do?

We will genuinely be happy. However, we believe that won't solve the problem. Amazon is optimsied to sell you products that makes the company most money and not the ones that have the least environmental impact

How are you capturing the environmental impact? The problem is my local-store does not keep organic food. Even if I want to be sustainable I can’t. How can you help? How will you collect data to tell me the environmental impact of my purchases? Environmental impact of every product depends on how it was produced/grown and where. Tomato grown in North-India might be different from that in the south and very different from the one in Spain? How do you account for this? Everything is packaged in plastics these days. It is the responsibility of the producers to reduce/avoid packaging. Why put it on me? Isn’t it the producer’s/farmer’s responsibility to produce sustainably?