React Native Developer

About us

Leap is an early stage for-profit social startup that aims to accelerate world’s transition to sustainable consumption. We work at the intersection of technology, environmental psychology and data science to promote consumption of low resource products and food. We are building a web+mobile marketplace that will provide consumers clear information about the social-environmental impact of products and help them choose the better alternative.

In the last six months, we have executed multiple pilots within the Auroville community to understand needs of our users. Now, we are ready to build the beta version of the marketplace.

We are IIT-Delhi alumni with prior experience in product development, machine learning and design research. We have worked at the intersection of technology, sustainability and social impact in India and Europe. We are incubated by Social Alpha (a Tata Trusts initiative) and supported by our wonderful partners in Auroville.

Job Description

We are looking for a React Native developer to take the lead in building our cross-platform app. The person will work closely with our backend developers and UX designer to create high quality user experience on the app. They will lead to the entire app-development cycle - translating designs to code, putting it into production, optimising the code for the performance & usability and integrating user feedback.


  • Strong grasp on JS and React Native’s core principles
  • Previous experience in developing an app from scratch
  • Willingness to grow into a leadership role and build the mobile development team
  • Proactive approach to learning, good communication and openness to feedback
  • Flexible to take on varied roles in the startup as per the needs
  • Believer in the ability of a small group of individuals to tackle the biggest challenges

Why you should work with us?

You will get an opportunity to take ownership of the product and create meaningful impact with your work. This is your chance to leverage technology to create a more sustainable world. You can wear multiple hats and dabble with other aspects of running a startup as per your interest. Mainstream work culture doesn’t appeal to us. We believe in actively seeking personal growth, through work and otherwise. We are trying to create a work and living environment that can foster that. You are invited to build it with us, together.

And, this too :)

You will be financially compensated as per your skills and experience and we will top it up with stock options.

We will take good care during your stay in Auroville. You’ll live in a furnished, peaceful accommodation with a beautiful garden, get fresh organic food and an e-bike to move around. We have swimming pool, sports facilities, beautiful beaches and forests in our vicinity. You’ll get opportunity to explore vibrant life in Auroville, pursue your other interests and develop new ones.

If you are not willing to shift to Auroville, then you can also work remotely. No issues at all!

If you are willing to take the leap with us, then drop us a mail at . Please include the following information in the mail:

  • Links to the past projects you have worked on or your Github profile
  • LinkedIn profile or updated resume
  • What caught your interest in this position?