Leap is an early stage for-profit social enterprise that aims to accelerate world’s transition to sustainable consumption. We are building a web+mobile marketplace that will demystify social, environmental and health impact of everyday products and help us in making a better, more informed choice.

We work at the intersection of technology, design, environmental psychology and data science.

What stops everyone from consuming sustainably?

We have identified three critical barriers:

  • Lack of information: Do you know where does your food come from? How was it grown? Who grew it and where did your money go? All these are important questions that affect the environment, the society and everyone of us but it is next to impossible to get any information on them.

  • Easy access to useful information: Even if you got all that information, the cognitive load of making the right choice will be too high. Hence, it is important to share it in a manner that can bring some meaningful shifts in your life.

  • Access to product: And if one manages to figure out all this, purchasing or accessing a sustainable variant is not easy due to availability and price. Can you get organic unpackaged rice from your local supermarket or kirana store?

These bottlenecks not only affect the consumers but also the producers of sustainable food and other products. They end up spending a lot of effort in educating consumers about the social-environmental benefits of their products. But still they find it hard to access the market and scale beyond the niche users they currently serve.

How are we going to change the status quo?

We are building tools and systems to empower users to understand the social, environmental and health impact of everyday products and to shift to using sustainable variants. At the moment, we are focusing on building a curated marketplace for sustainable food. Producers and stores will be able to list their food items. These items will be scored on different sustainability metrics ( organic, local,seasonal) allowing comparison for users. Users will then be able to buy them directly from the marketplace. We will gradually add more sustainability metrics (such as CO2 and water footprint), provide a guided eco-friendly shopping experience and much more.

Our Current Pilot

For the last 6 months, we have been running big and small pilots in Auroville, a community of 2900 residents in Tamil Nadu, India with support from the local partners. We are learning from the successes and failures of our pilots and have done multiple iterations in a short period of time. We have started by focusing on the environmental impact of our consumption. You can read more about our journey here.

Next steps

Immediately in the next few months, we plan to:
  • Partner with sustainable producers and farmers in and around Auroville.
  • Build framework and tools to score these products on different sustainabiliy metrics (organic, seasonal, food miles and type of packaging).
  • Launch a marketplace with sustainable food products for consumers in Auroville.
  • Open up the marketplace to users outside Auroville.
  • Founders

    Shubham Bansal


    Shubham is an alumnus of IIT Delhi & EPFL (Switzerland). Most recently, he worked with a smart energy startup in Germany where he led the development of machine learning powered technology to drive energy efficiency. He also co-founded Impactpreneurs - a platform to share information on social enterprises around the world. He is passionate about using technology to solve climate crisis.

    Divish Gupta


    Divish graduated from IIT Delhi in 2015. He then worked in Digital Green for 2.5 years on increasing market access for 21K farmers. There he played a key role in designing on-ground systems and UI/UX for the tech platforms. He is passionate about technology, gift economy & community development.